Why PS1 games take time to arrive on digital distribution platforms

If you’ve wondered why games for the original PlayStation take so long to hit the PlayStation Store then this post is for you. Ross McGrath, a member of SCEE’s PlayStation Store team, has explained why so many huddles have to be jumped before we can purchase and play at the click of a button.

Something I’ve wondered is why some games that appear on the US store, don’t appear on the EU ones. Turns out that right issues and technical problems that arise from their PAL encoding are some of the reasons they’re delayed for so long. Hence why, Crash Bandicoot 2 only just hit the EU PlayStation Store this week, when the US has had it since 2007.
This post appeared on the EU PlayStation Blog, something which has fast become one of the brands most effective ways of communicating their messages to consumers and the gaming community. I think it’s fascinating how blogs like this one are reshaping how businesses and organisations of all kinds are viewed by the public. These blogs have become virtual receptions, where users drop in to give their two cents, seek advice from the organisation and other users, and go to get in touch with members of the organisation directly.
What would have once been the work of a feature story by a journalist is now coming in the form of posts directly from members and partners associated with an organisation’s blog. This has lead to companies being more open with their audience, sometimes providing the odd tidbit of internal information that a feature writer may not have gotten wind of, such as in McGrath’s post.
I have to wonder what things will look like in the future as more and more organisations use online media for their own interests.