I’ll take the next one…

Why does everything seem to take far, far longer than originally intended?
In the words of John Steinbeck: “The best laid plans of mice and men go oft awry.” That’s precisely how I feel right now.
This week, I returned to London for what I hoped would be 10 days of rest and relaxation. Well, not really relaxation as I’ve been doing work all week as usual, but at least rest.
I had a rapturous, euphoric time seeing Gorillaz live at the London O2 Arena. But this has been the one bright spark amid a sea of pressing deadlines and unfortunate setbacks.
Working through the night, I managed to miss one of the driving lessons I’d booked. I barely submitted my dissertation progress report before the online deadline on Friday, and I still haven’t gotten as far as planned with it yet. And to top things off, the replacement 60GB PS3 which I got in July has stopped reading discs entirely!
I feel more and more like I’m dragging a huge boulder up hill. Yet, try as I might, I’m still getting no closer to the summit.
Sorry to be so negative – just seem to be filling this space with angst. I’ve been planning to find the time to blog for weeks as so much has happened. I will find the time… eventually.
I’m going to crack on now, and listen to some Aloe Blacc to get me through. Peace.

2 thoughts on “I’ll take the next one…”

  1. madtyger says:

    Makes you wish there were less hours in the day, because if there were more, it would mean that you'd be spending them on a job or project. I understand how you feel, my schoolwork is related to the Hydra, every time I finish one assignment, two more show up. Hopefully things will slow down for you as the holidays near and you'll be able to get a honest to goodness break from everything.

  2. DK33 says:

    True you are, mad.

    It's a crime it's taken me this long to answer your comments. I fear I have one last shot to get my life back on track next year before I lose everything to a limbo of late nights and failed deadlines.

    *Time to wish upon a star*