Winter Wonderland at Vancouver 2010

Over the past two weeks I’ve been trying (and failing) to keep up with as much of the 2010 Winter Olympics coverage as possible.

With the living room currently being occupied by a disagreeable CRT television and my housemates uneaten pizzas, I’ve been getting my Olympics fix from iPlayer. Watching an uninterrupted stream of luge, figure skating, short track skating, alpine skiing, curling, hockey, snowboarding and all the other icy sports has been thrilling.

Just witnessing these giants, the best of the best, at the top of their game is electric. And with such displays of skill, determination and surprise, it’s no wonder they only do this every four years. Success, tragedy and last minute shockers – it’s terrific.

So far my home nation has only managed to achieve one medal thanks to Amy Williams (gold in the women’s skeleton). But after only achieving two medals at the Winter Games four years ago in Turin, it’s a start. Our curling teams are pretty strong.

Again I’m amazed and thankful that today’s technology gives me more opportunities to keep track of the Games beyond just seeing them live on television. The atmosphere, and the ethos of the Olympics, has always been something I’ve greatly admired. It’s no ordinary sporting event, it brings the world together like nothing else.

Catching much of the action via iPlayer, the BBC Sport team – Hazel Irvine, Sue Barker and the rest of the presenters, commentators and production crew – have provided excellent coverage, with informative, fast-cut packages, diverse interviews and their signature high quality graphics.

3 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland at Vancouver 2010”

  1. Hapi says:

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  2. madtyger says:

    I too have been enjoying a lot of the Olympic coverage that's been going on for the past two weeks. Though I find that the advances in technology have been helpful and a curse at the same time. Most of the more attractive sports like figure skating and speed skating have been saved for primetime viewing here in the States, which means that they aren't shown live. Unfortunately, with the internet, it's hard not finding out the results before you actually get to see the event – and sports is the one thing you have to see live.

    The States have been doing well in the medals and it's been fun for me to keep watch of but in all honesty, the Olympics have been driving me nuts. I know a lot of Canadians and the pure garbage I've been getting from them over all of this competition is starting to get to me. Hopefully, the Olympics will close up shop the way they opened it, with a lot of spectacular action.

  3. DK33 says:

    Ah, international sporting competitions. Always brings out the back in a nation, doesn’t it? LOL. Seeing the results sure does ruin things. The anticipation and drama is all part of the event, it’s unlike anything else. Darn that corner 13 on the bobsleigh track. I saw lots of exciting stuff from there though. South Korea’s figure skater was a machine, too.

    Well done to team USA, they totally cleaned up – Shaun White, Ben Miller and many others took Golds for you guys again and again. Just glad Britain managed to get some great sporting action out of it.