Just in it for the Money

Mercenaries isn’t a series one would consider to have the broadest fiction and nor is it a series with particularly memorable characters. Even so it seems Dynamite Entertainment (written by Brian Reed, art by Edgar Salazar) snagged the license and was probably thinking they’d make a tidy sum of these hired guns. Sorry to break up the party but there’s nothing, or be it very little, to gain from this shallow story of kidnap, betrayal and payback.

At only three issues, this is one of the shortest game-based miniseries available. No-nonsense-mercs, Chris, Jennifer and Mattias, all appear in the comic and are in a struggle to save their resident techie, Fiona, while also liberating Taiwan from Chinese rule. The comic dares to make some ‘shocking’ reveals about Jen’s backstory, claiming that her father had another son from a previous fling. But when it all comes down to it these characters are the epitome of cliché killers – acting before thinking and displaying all the compassion of a deflated paper bag. Since they enjoy leaving people for dead, surely it’s only fair that you return the favour.

2 thoughts on “Just in it for the Money”

  1. madtyger says:

    I have to admit that I have a soft spot for Mercenaries. Even though the games are broken, A.I. is horrible, and the characters are dull – I still can't help myself from wanting to call in a bunch of airstrikes on an unsuspecting enemy. With a poor story line for both the game and the comic, it looks like they should hire some new writers if they ever plan to do a sequel. The only thing left to ask is, which one's worse the Mercenaries comic or the Army of Two comic.

  2. DK33 says:

    I’m still trying to cruise my way through, Mercs 2… it’s not working. But the Army of Two comic ‘worst’, you say? Well, we’ll have to find out won’t we? Keep in mind that WildStorm just scrapped their plans for an ongoing World of Warcraft comic series. So with the even the WOW powerhouse not setting the sales charts alight what hope do Salem and Rios have?