Journo Biz: Ste Curran

My foray into the weird and pressuring land of creative writing has brought me into contact with writers, both old and new, who’ve already treaded the path I am pursuing.

One such writer is Ste Curran, ex-games journalists and a big part of Edge magazine back in the day.

For me it’s often weird actually meeting some of these characters in the flesh because, however much you think you know someone from their writing, they’re not always how you pictured them in person.

Now, I must confess, Ste wasn’t someone I recognised or had great recollection of his work when I first meet him. I soon realised that I’d being reading his stuff for some time. In fact, he and two of his friends – Simon Byron (a presenter and PR rep) and David McCarthy (regular contributor to OPM UK) – have written books on game production which I own.

So it’s strange then, thinking back to when I first met him. I believe the thought that was going through my head was something like, who is this enthusiastic chatterbox? More than a year later and I’m glad to have meet Ste, as he’s given me a lot to think about on my path to a career in writing.

This week, the action puzzler, Chime, from his Brighton-based studio is out on XBLA and he shared his thoughts on the release. I also got a brief interview with Ste during the game’s unveiling last year.

2 thoughts on “Journo Biz: Ste Curran”

  1. madtyger says:

    That's great you were able to meet someone that's big in the industry. I always find that writers and musicians never look like how you imagine them at all. Hopefully, you'll be able to meet more people that can help and inspire you as you continue on with your career. Who knows, you might have switched seats in a few years with a student coming to you for advice.

  2. DK33 says:

    “Who knows, you might have switched seats in a few years with a student coming to you for advice.”

    Odd you should say that, as this is something that’s crossed my mind. I need to train a successor to my role as gaming editor and also recruit new members to Platform. The position of responsibility is coming all too quick for my liking. But, hey, nobody gets a say in the laws of time, right?