Frag with MAG

So, Zipper Interactive’s new PS3 game, MAG, was released today in Europe. It gives players the chance to interact with 255 other PMC-wannabes in huge, patchy looking battlefields. You take on rolling objectives as part of an eight-man squad – parachuting, reviving and fragging your way to victory. With three factions to choose from: Valor, S.V.E.R. and Raven, players are also part of a worldwide meta-game to see which private military company stands tall.

Last September, I spent some time with the EU beta but didn’t find it all that exciting. Even with the several hours I played it for, I couldn’t understand very much of what was going on – as this video by Giant Bomb can attest to. It’s one of those games that you really have to dedicate an inordinate amount of free time to. A cool concept, but after sampling Battlefield 1943’s version of online-only warfare, I think I prefer a smaller scale battle where I can goof off without having to pretend I’m in the army.

2 thoughts on “Frag with MAG”

  1. madtyger says:

    Yeah, I wasn't really impressed with MAG. It's impressive that they could fit that many people into one online game, but actually trying to play a game with that many people – well, let's say from what I've played of the game, it doesn't really work all that well. I still found the same problem of people running off and doing their own thing and the leaders not controlling their squads well enough. For me, I think I'm going to pass on this game. I've had enough shooters to last me for a while and with new games like Heavy Rain, Yakuza 3 (yay), and my backlog of old games I haven't played yet – I don't have the time or the energy to invest into a game that I don't really enjoy.

  2. DK33 says:

    Too true. Will definitely be interested to see what Zipper do with SOCOM 4. Frankly I’m surprised they’ve had the time or manpower to work on anything besides MAG.