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Hypnotic Brass: Medicine for the Soul

Calming, soothing and uplifting – that’s how I would describe the cosmic sounds of Hypnotic Brass Ensemble. I heard one track, ‘Ballicki Bone’, from the brass-brothers during Damon Albarn’s Radio 1 takeover, in January this year. After just one song their music captivated me with fresh sounds and beats, giving me an instant attachment to their music. I got hold of an MP3 version of the radio show and played Hypnotic Brass’ track more than fifty times that same week. Their music is something else entirely. I’ve not felt this way about a band in a long time.

So, to my surprise, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, the debut album from the eight-piece brass band, was released under Honest Jon’s Records in June this year. It arrived yesterday, and after only a day, I can tell this album is going to be standout addition to my music collection. You might expect a full brass and percussion album to be a bit too much after the first two tracks, but that couldn’t be further from the truth with Hypnotic Brass. From the upbeat ‘Gibbous’ to my personal favourite ‘Ballicki Bone’ (which sounds even cooler, thanks to a classy bass line), Hypnotic Brass Ensemble soothes mind, body and soul.

With so many tasks and so much responsibility this year, I am going to need the spiritual energy of artists like Hypnotic Brass to help me survive the up and downs.

2 thoughts on “Hypnotic Brass: Medicine for the Soul”

  1. madtyger says:

    I love brass bands (even played in one for a bit myself), nothing can replicate that sound. The area where I live is huge into blues and jazz, having two large festivals on the bay every year. This year, they did bring out a brass band and it was fun to hear them play. I'll definitely have to check this group and their album out.

  2. DK33 says:

    You love brass bands?

    Then you must let me send you a sample. If you like it then I'll happily grab this album for you.

    It's one of the few things keeping me going at the moment. I'd love to hear some of the music at the music festivals you mentioned. Must be magical: friends, food and the rich sound of music all around. Yeah, brass is brilliant.