UNI – Season One – Terminated

Rest. That is something I’ve not had in a long while now. Ten months, nine essays, eleven student magazine issues and some 5000 litres of water later and I’ve finished my first year of university. Technically, I’ve been finished since late May, when I did my final exam, but I still had loads of additional tasks to complete then. With the exception of my personal goals, I’m now completely free to do whatever I wish. Party, explore, lazy about my half-empty student residence, play games all night, sleep in till the afternoon, read books, comics and magazines all day, spend two hours in the shower – all of these ideas and many more are possible now that the shackles of work deadlines have come off.

I remember staying up late to frantically pack as I’d left it too late, the day before I was suppose to leave for Nottingham in earlier October last year. Thinking about all that I’ve experienced and accomplished in this short space of time really is astonishing to me. Attending all three days of GameCity 3, interviewing the likes of Media Molecule, Harmonix, Capcom and the creators behind GoldenEye 007, becoming Platform’s second Gaming Editor, setting the schedule for print and online content and working to frequent deadlines, finding a team of competent and talented contributors, writing news articles, features and reviews, emailing PRs, publishers and the odd developer, waking up in the twilight hours for game launch events, exploring Nottingham’s streets, cultures and history, being honoured at the Student Union awards and partying with co-workers and friends. And all this whilst struggling (and I most certainly did at times) to complete a Media & Journalism degree, cook food and make sure I had clean clothes.

Quite honestly, I think it’s a miracle I even managed to survive the first term. I’ve only just wrapped this year but already I’ve got big plans for next year. Yesterday, Platform’s Editor-in-Chief for 2009-2010, gave me the pleasant news, and news that I’m sure will haunt me during next year’s frightful essay-blitz, that I have retained my position as Gaming Editor, but will also be taking up an additional role next year as Online Editor. Trent Media has been a huge part of my first uni year – I’d even go so far as to say it’s been the best part – and next year I’m hoping to take things even further. I’ve spoken to a number of the Union’s committees and I’m hoping to get involved in other areas of the Union, particularly with the student radio station, Fly FM, where I hope to produce a one-week gaming event.

While I’m still dreading the thought of having to balance all my activities with my education and day-to-day tasks next year, I’m still greatly excited about the possibilities and prospects open to me at university. Before I get too ahead of myself though I’d like to have a well-earned rest and enjoy a long, long, LONG and overly leisurely holiday. Yes, please. No more deadlines, no more tired nights spent writing, no more unruly students giving me unnecessary stress. I’m going to take it easy.

Tonight I’m off to the final end of term party at the SU building. Music, dancing, photos, glowsticks and candyfloss – it should be tons of fun. It’s been tough year, but at last I can get some rest. Peace.

3 thoughts on “UNI – Season One – Terminated”

  1. Katie desu says:

    Congratulations on getting through the first year!



  2. madtyger says:

    Omedetou! Congrats! Now that you've earned a well deserved break, what are you going to do now? No more late night cram sessions, early morning classes, or even running on two hours of sleep. So definitely enjoy these months off and get some R&R!

  3. DK33 says:

    *DK33 – Gone golfing. If you are in need of a writer to help save the galaxy I'm afraid you're about 72 hours too late. Put on your running shoes and give DangerDoom or the P&B crew a shout. So long, and if you don't succeed maybe I'll see you in zombie resurrection acres…*