Futurama returns in 2010

“Good news everyone…”

Futurama, the animated series created by Matt Groening and David X. Cohen, set a thousand years in the future, is returning to our TV screens at long last.

The series was cancelled by Fox after just four seasons. In 2007, Fox announced a deal with Comedy Central to air reruns of the original series as well as sixteen new re-cut episodes of the recently completed Futurama DVD movies. Despite fan demand for new episodes and positive DVD sales there was still much uncertainty as to whether the show would be given the go-ahead and finally be resurrected from the dreaded pit of TV hiatus.

After years of watching, waiting and re-watching it seems the improbable has happened. Futurama returns next summer on Comedy Central with a massive twenty-six episode run planned! There’s more to the announcement, but right now I couldn’t be happier. Futurama is one of my favourite animated series and I’m sure I’ll have plenty more to discuss as we get closer to the show’s long awaited return. Be sure to check back for more “tales of interest”.

3 thoughts on “Futurama returns in 2010”

  1. Katie desu says:

    New Futurama?! That's awesome news!! It's a shame it's not coming out this year though.

    I can't wait till it comes out. Problem is, it'll be more than likely shown on Sky One which I don't have =S


    Hopefully we'll be able to watch them online somewhere.

    Peace dude!

  2. madtyger says:

    It's great to see shows like this get their chance to come back for more. Reminds me a bit of Gundam and once they brought it back it's become the Final Fantasy of Anime. Hopefully the original cast and crew will return to give this show the treatment it deserves.

  3. DK33 says:

    No news has been announced for what channel will get the UK rights, Katie, but I hope you get the chance to see it.

    madtyger, I really, REALLY didn't any news on Futurama coming back, so yes, this is fantastic news. The original cast and crew are returning so fingers-crossed they can make their come back a TV event to remember.