Comic Revival

I really shouldn’t be writing this right now… I should be finishing my packing as I’m leaving Notts in about eighteen hours. No matter. I’m sure I’ll get enough sleep and be back in London in no time.

Yes, today was my last day in Nottingham. I shan’t go into a huge longwinded account of it all, as much as I might like to. I strolled around town for a good couple of hours, met a friend for a final goodbye and then headed home. Oh, I also picked up the Black Eyed Peas’ new single ‘Boom Boom Pow’ on a strange impulse; wouldn’t buy the album though. Currently my first floor flat in student residence is cluttered with boxes and plastic bags fit to burst. The fridge is almost empty and I’m sick to death of having plain pasta and rice – no sauces in the larder. I can’t wait to get back home!

Actually, aside from wandering the many streets and alleyways, and gazing pensively at the SLR cameras behind the shop window, there was one more thing I did. I visited Page 45 for my final comic book fix of the uni year. Ever since the start of term, when I headed through the store’s innocent-looking doorway for a quick browse, I’ve been in there at least twice a month. Sometime just browsing, flicking through the odd comic or graphic novel and sometimes buying several comics fresh off the delivery truck.

With DC Comics subsidiary, WildStorm, announcing a spate of video game licensed comic book series last year, my interest in collecting comics has been rekindled. Serialised stories, spectacular covers and gripping narratives. It’s been thrilling to hunt down comics from
WildStorm, Marvel, Dynamite, Image, Dark Horse and Udon, in my self-assigned mandate to archive and review as many video game comic books as I can.

Until I’ve settled down and digested a couple of them properly I’m afraid I don’t wish to spoil them just yet. There are no secrets here, but I feel my comic posts will be more exciting for me and you, dear reader, if just post raw thoughts, revised analyses and opinions on complete series. I’ve been very fortunate to have acquired a good number of video game comics this year – having started only last autumn. Some series and individual comics have been notoriously difficult to find, but it been well worth it.

Here, amongst my sellotape-sealed containers and bags, it’s gratifying to have such creative treats safely packed away in my rucksack. I can’t wait to lie back in my own bed and indulge in the visual splendour of their pages.

2 thoughts on “Comic Revival”

  1. madtyger says:

    I love finding a store that carries what you like and just seems to fit your wants and needs. It's like finding your own little niche to come back to time after time.
    As for finding the items in the first place, the hunt is half the fun. With internet shopping, it isn't as fun to browse through the catalogue and just see what's available. Often times I find myself going to a store just so I can look at what's new and what might have slipped under my radar. Then again, if I have too much money in my wallet at the time, I usually return home broke and with a bunch of stuff I wasn't planning on getting. Curse you limited edition stuff!
    Good luck finding those rare and hard to find comics. Sometimes it seems like tracking down big game in "Afrika" might be easier than hunting down those comic hidden gems.

  2. DK33 says:

    Yes, the 'hunt' certainly is half the fun!

    I also think these days, those who shop smart don’t only shop online or retail, they do both. Sometimes things are pleasantly surprising when you seem them in the flesh, versus on a flat screen.