Summer is here!

Yay! At long last the dreary weather of the past few months has turned into sparkling sunshine, with barely any clouds in view. Certainly not perfect for doing exams, but when you’re all done… ahem… I mean mostly done, it’s downright gorgeous. Here are a couple pictures from one of my local walkabouts.

4 thoughts on “Summer is here!”

  1. madtyger says:

    Ah summertime. I just have crack open a Ramune and eat some ichigo daifuku to be teleported to those blissful days. Unfortunately it’s nothing like your pictures over here. Rain, fog, and more rain seems to be on the agenda for the next week or so. But once it all clears up and the sun appears again, it’s down to the beach for some good ‘ole R and R.

  2. cobaltk says:

    A lovely set of photos there Aaron! The last 4 through the trees are just lovely =D
    I hope you’re having a great Summer so far!

    Talking of photos, take a look at my Flickr and tell me/comment what you think! =D

    We’ll catch up soon yeah?
    Take care

    Katie H (You know who I am lol)

  3. DK33 says:

    Yes, it's been quite warm over here these past two weeks, mad. This weekend the clouds burst and released the torrents of rain they've been saving up. Hopefully the Sun will return soon, though. Got the final, and most epic, end of term party week coming up.

    Tons and tons of snaps to show you from Alton Towers too, so, stay tuned.

  4. DK33 says:

    Hey cobaltk,

    *Sshhh* We can't use 'real' names here, just aliases. I forgot I gave you my blog link.

    Your photo portfolio seems to becoming along very well. Love your shots of the 2012 stadium and London at night. Glorious!

    There's plenty more to say, but we've got all summer for that. I'll see you soon.