Watchmen: below the waist?

Have you heard about the Watchmen? Well before I happened to pass one mesmerising promotional poster, coming out of my local movie theatre, I had no idea what this whole craze was about. And come to think of it, I still don’t because I haven’t even seen the movie or read the graphic novel. The movie is out now I’ve been fairly excited to see it. I’m a sucker for comic book movies, so when I discovered that Watchmen collides two of my favourite themes – comic book heroes and maverick detectives – my interest peaked quite considerably.

I don’t think I was prepared from some of the reactions I’ve hear though. Rorschach’s ruthless approach to justice (Peter Sellers’ Inspector Clouseau now seems a poor comparison) didn’t deter me, but I had no idea that the movie was going to contain such mature scenes as frontal nudity and severe violence (as reported by friends who’ve already seen it). Then again, coming from 300 director, Zack Synder, I guess I should have expected as much. When I first saw 300 I was pretty grossed out by some of the scenes, but I’ve come to really enjoy the graphic artistry of it all.

Somehow though I’m not sure I’ll see Watchmen in the same light. With so much talk about how “Watchmen changed the face of comic books” I’ve already had my preconception about what it might be. I think I was hoping this movie might fall somewhere in between Spider-Man and Sin City – iconic, gritty and full of character, but at the same time, not outright hitting you in the face with sex, drugs and skin-crawling violence. Well, guess I was totally wrong about this one.

Regardless of the critics reviews (which I have not browsed) and the unavoidable word-of-mouth comments I’m hearing, I’m still excited about the movie. As long as this seedy, adult world is brought to life on-screen with competence, quality production values and, above all, an engaging narrative, then I’m should leave satisfied. And you know what? If it’s good enough maybe I will pick up the graphic novel.