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Lions, tygers & bears

Jazmine Sullivan, 2008, J Records press photo 01 (975x548)Impulse. That’s what got me to buy Jazmine Sullivan’s debut album, Fearless, and it’s also the reason I wrote this post when I did. I’m not one to follow the music industry closely at all. In fact, the very idea of zealously buying singles from the so-called ‘pop music’ top ten just sickens me. That’s not to say that there aren’t many good artists around nowadays, it’s just that image and mass appeal has become so much of a factor in today’s music industry that I find it extremely hard to encourage myself to trawl through the endlessly unoriginal rehashes just to find the ‘good’ stuff. The phrase ‘style over substance’ has never been more fitting.

So then, when I heard the delicate sound of ‘Lions, Tigers & Bears’ flowing out of my DAB radio, during Damon Albarn’s two-hour Radio 1 takeover, I knew this was another one of the those rare moments where the song has practically taken my cash and reserved itself a place on my shelf from the first note. Glorious vocals from Jazmine are perfectly backed by some hesitant strings and a whisking tempo. Beautiful. Needless to say, I banked all my chips on the album exhibiting quality as high as this throughout, so I brought it on my next trip into town. The short answer: my impulse wasn’t wrong.

Image: J Records/PR